Secure Packet Industries

Tell us a little about your business.

We are a cybersecurity company dedicated to helping organizations protect themselves and meet the cybersecurity requirements set for them by regulators, lenders, and others. (Dodging the cybersecurity requirements for your industry can affect your ability to do business at all!) However, we focus on the reactive, monitoring, and detection side of the equation rather than controls and proactive work. Our flagship product is a Managed Extensible Detection and Response (MxDR) solution called SPIDR, designed to help watch your computers, networks, and email and make sure nothing bad is happening to them or to you. Next, because email is still the primary means of entry into most companies, and because so many companies do most of their business via email, we provide an email review service where you would forward suspicious emails to us and we can check them and make sure they’re not malicious before you act upon them. We also provide regular consulting around any cybersecurity needs, and we can help you respond to and recover from adverse incidents like ransomware or Business Email Compromise (BEC). For the attorneys out there, we also provide e-discovery consulting and services. We are able to provide services to organizations of just about any size, at very affordable rates. Finally, we have a lot of contacts and there are areas we don’t cover; so if you need help and we don’t do it, we’ll help you find someone who will. We value relationships, we value our integrity, and we truly want to contribute and provide value to our customers.

Why did you decide to bring your business to Guthrie?

We moved to Coyle from central OKC in early 2020, right as COVID was becoming a big thing. My wife and I quickly discovered that we enjoyed Guthrie much more than any of the other options available to meet our needs. I’m a 4th-gen Okie, I have ancestors listed on the Land Run filing records from the Oklahoma Historical Society, and I’m very proud of my Oklahoma heritage, so of course Guthrie is a perfect place for me! The community is wonderful, we have integrated very well, office space is very affordable, and it’s still close enough to the city for easy access but without being part of all that mess. Finally, Guthrie and the surrounding area has its own crop of solid companies who need what I provide, so it’s a wonderful starting point. I’m thrilled to be here and looking forward to supporting our community!

How long has your business been in operation?

I have been working on SPI as a side hustle, getting the basics in place, since February. We did our LLC filing in mid-June, and on July 1 I officially launched! However, I’ve also been in the industry since 1997, so I have plenty of experience to bring to my clients.
What makes your business stand out from other businesses that offer similar services or products?

For one thing, I’m completely local to Guthrie and focused on the SMB market, and while Oklahoma is a good market, we are still somewhat light on local cybersecurity services. Second, I have lots of experience in a lot of different environments (e.g., banks, insurance, and other financial services; tech companies; Federal, state, and local government; public education; retail), so I understand the unique functional and regulatory needs of most environments pretty thoroughly. Finally, my extended experience has helped me find the right technologies to do the job at hand, and do it well, while keeping the costs down, meaning I can pass those savings on to you.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I play mandolin and tenor guitar, and I sing; I like doing that. I also spend time with my wonderful wife Heidi and my kids Owen and Jules, I work on cars, and I’m also involved with the local Freemasons.

"I joined the Chamber to help bridge the gap between the business community, the City of Guthrie, organizations, our schools and neighbors because we are all invested. When we work together with the help of the Chamber, we thrive as a community. "

Menecca Gibbs, Owner of Cleveland & Co. Mercantile

"I love being an investor in the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce. It's great to be a part of the business community in Logan County. They provide us with a lot of marketing and sponsorship opportunities and our investment is well worth it every year!"

Blake Wimsey, Foundation Insurance & Risk Management

"The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce is a great partner in the community. As an active Church, it is important to us to be connected to businesses and other organizations that value relationship within the community. The Chamber goes above and beyond to make sure everyone stays connected with weekly events and fun activities. We love being a part of the Chamber!"

Ronnie Fields, First Christian Church

"The Guthrie News Leader regularly partners with the chamber as our goals are the same: connect businesses to the community. We not only enjoy attending the events the chamber presents, but also co-sponsoring events together. We’ve met new customers, contacts and lifelong friends through the chamber and we consider them part of our team."

Karan Ediger, Publisher for the Guthrie News Leader