Pilar Designs

Tell us a little about your business.

I love meeting people, I love doodling and I love events — why not add paint?!  After painting at a party for a friend, my family and friends encouraged me to take the next steps to start a business. I would have never thought It would grow into what it is today. I am beyond blessed and thankful for all of my clients and friends who believe in me.

Why did you decide to bring your business to Guthrie?

I started face painting at Red Brick Nights in 2019 and loved it! From there, I have been invited to participate in some other local events and it has truly been a blast!

How long has your business been in operation?

I started my business in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2016. A year later, I moved to Oklahoma City and had been nonstop ever since.
What makes your business stand out from other businesses that offer similar services or products?

I believe my customer service, style and knowledge of diverse individuals help in all that I do. I was adopted as a baby from Guatemala into a diverse family of 14 siblings (also from other countries); therefore, I have been around different cultures and siblings with physical and mental disabilities my whole life. When I have clients who may identify with a challenge, and the parents aren’t sure if they will sit for me, I always seem to make it work. Those clients are the special ones. I really try to make people feel welcomed and not like a stranger; and more importantly, not any different from anyone else. Customer service and being friendly is always key! 

How do you like to spend your days off?

 love to spend my time with my baby girl, Ariana, and my husband Chris. I work a lot so we really value family time.



"I joined the Chamber to help bridge the gap between the business community, the City of Guthrie, organizations, our schools and neighbors because we are all invested. When we work together with the help of the Chamber, we thrive as a community. "

Menecca Gibbs, Owner of Cleveland & Co. Mercantile

"I love being an investor in the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce. It's great to be a part of the business community in Logan County. They provide us with a lot of marketing and sponsorship opportunities and our investment is well worth it every year!"

Blake Wimsey, Foundation Insurance & Risk Management

"The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce is a great partner in the community. As an active Church, it is important to us to be connected to businesses and other organizations that value relationship within the community. The Chamber goes above and beyond to make sure everyone stays connected with weekly events and fun activities. We love being a part of the Chamber!"

Ronnie Fields, First Christian Church

"The Guthrie News Leader regularly partners with the chamber as our goals are the same: connect businesses to the community. We not only enjoy attending the events the chamber presents, but also co-sponsoring events together. We’ve met new customers, contacts and lifelong friends through the chamber and we consider them part of our team."

Karan Ediger, Publisher for the Guthrie News Leader