Essentially Evers

Tell us a little about your business.

Hi, my name is Clarissa Evers and I am the face of and heart behind Essentially Evers. I work with Young Living Essential Oils and I began my business to help people fall in love with the oils and products that have helped my family in so many ways.  I love to share what we love and use daily and why we love it, in hopes of helping others the same way we were helped. 

My goal at Essentially Evers is to help you go from being overwhelmed with all of the information and choices out there to feeling empowered that the choices you are making for yourself and your family are the absolute best for you.   I am here to help people find new solutions for old issues.  Whether that issue is getting the best-supported sleep possible, supporting your immune system, working through and supporting emotions, finding all-natural alternatives for the cleaners you have been using or just looking for ways to make your home smell amazing in an all-natural way (and the list could go on and on) I am here to help, through the process.  

In 2023, I took helping you go from overwhelmed to empowered, one step further and I now carry oily accessories as well.  Not only can I help you with your oils and all-natural products, but you can also get the accessories to use them from me as well.  We carry roller bottles, dropper bottles, spray bottles, dropper tops, and many other oils accessories as well as amazing oil journals that help you keep all of your info and recipes in one place.   We are now your one-stop shop for all things oily and natural living.

What is one thing that makes your business great?

One thing that makes my business great and different from others is my desire to build relationships with people. I genuinely want to get to know you, so I can help you in the best way possible.

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?

Our family moved to Guthrie in 2019 from North Carolina.  We did a lot of research before deciding where we wanted to call home and Guthrie checked all the boxes for our family.  Guthrie is a down-home community, that embodies and values the things that are so important to our family.  Guthrie is a wonderful community; it is a great place to raise our kids and build our homes and businesses.  We have found the people in this community to be God-loving, welcoming, supportive, and caring and we are proud to be a part of it. 

Why is your company a part of the Chamber? 

I decided to join the Chamber to be more involved in the things going on within our community. I want to help Guthrie continue to be a place that will be inviting and welcoming to other families just like it was to ours. In my opinion, there is no greater way to make this happen than to get involved myself.  

I want to share the things I have to offer through my friendships and relationships with others. I want to help others find those new solutions for old issues and I feel like the Chamber will be a great way to meet and connect with many more people.

What is the last thing that made you smile? 

One of the last things that made me smile and really is something that makes me smile all the time is hearing the stories of people that I have been able to help in my business. I love it when people come back and share about an oil or product they have been using and how it has helped. The very last one was a grandmother telling me about an amazing success story with her granddaughter.  It brings my heart so much joy to know that I am able to help people. 



"I joined the Chamber to help bridge the gap between the business community, the City of Guthrie, organizations, our schools and neighbors because we are all invested. When we work together with the help of the Chamber, we thrive as a community. "

Menecca Gibbs, Owner of Cleveland & Co. Mercantile

"I love being an investor in the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce. It's great to be a part of the business community in Logan County. They provide us with a lot of marketing and sponsorship opportunities and our investment is well worth it every year!"

Blake Wimsey, Foundation Insurance & Risk Management

"The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce is a great partner in the community. As an active Church, it is important to us to be connected to businesses and other organizations that value relationship within the community. The Chamber goes above and beyond to make sure everyone stays connected with weekly events and fun activities. We love being a part of the Chamber!"

Ronnie Fields, First Christian Church

"The Guthrie News Leader regularly partners with the chamber as our goals are the same: connect businesses to the community. We not only enjoy attending the events the chamber presents, but also co-sponsoring events together. We’ve met new customers, contacts and lifelong friends through the chamber and we consider them part of our team."

Karan Ediger, Publisher for the Guthrie News Leader